Maryland Menace a/k/a Blvd Blvd is more than just a rapper. Born Wesley J. Smith, Maryland Menace is one of the few who was born a beast by nature.

Adopting the name “Menace” at a young age due to his mischievous ways and street moves, Maryland Menace began to put the pen to the paper as a way to escape the reality of his life. Hailing from Silver Springs, Maryland, Maryland Menace grew up on Castle Blvd aka the Blvd and began to make a name for himself at a young age. After spending time within the juvenile system, Maryland Menace was headed down a path of destruction and there was no turning back.

Determination. Dedication. And, Faith are 3 words to describe the will within Maryland Menace. After being shot 5 times in 2008, Maryland Menace wasn’t expected to recover. With life threatening wounds to his body, Maryland Menace was determined to choose triumph over tragedy. After a 12 month recovery period, Maryland Menace was back to the grind of everyday survival with a story fit for the studio. Turning his story into the drive behind his passion and push Maryland Menace hit the music industry taking hostages with no f?&@s given.

With a story filled with Tragedy, Wins, Losses, and Courage, Maryland Menace is back to the music with more to tell than anyone knows. You think you know the truth? Trust! You don’t even know the half. Make sure you stay tuned for all that Maryland Menace a/k/a Blvd Blvd has in store. This is the re-introduction to the man behind the brand.

Remember, the Truth always comes to the light!